Wild at Heart Queens


Summer is a firecracker and a typical Bengal as she loves water. She has a lighter coat with arrow spotted spots and uniquely colored eyes.


Sagira loves to get her chin and ears rubbed, she is an absolute sweetheart. From imported bloodlines, she really is a beauty with big green eyes and a silky soft coat.


Cammi is a sweetheart and loves to be rubbed. She has a small built frame but a big heart and beautiful rosettes. From an imported bloodline.


Ambledown is one of our new Silver Bengals – she will only be able start breeding in a few months.


Mau just wants to be rubbed and has very specific facial features and beautiful eye coloring.


Sheba has a gorgeous face with big green eyes and arrow spotted spots. She absolutely loves water and is also from an imported line.

Wild Fire

Wild Fire has a very playful personality with gorgeous rosettes and also loves cuddles.


Kito has elongated spots and big beautiful eyes. She also derives from imported lines.