The vet today gave you a lovely compliment. She said she is really glad there are people breeding Bengals with nice characters. She has had a few so wild they attacked her as she opened the carrier. Whereas Keo was purring so loudly she could hear his heartbeat! – Sarah Anne


Hi Stephnie,

I just wanted to tell you how happily Seta has settled down.

He is coming out of his ‘shell ‘  and starting to show his fun personality.

He is happy and warm and safe in his new home.

He is so well trained and an immense credit to your  Wild at Heart .

And I love him to bits !!  J

Thank you so much for all your help and your professionalism. – Linda



We took Goose to the vet and he was just the most adorable kitty. The Vet said that they have 3 other Bengals in the practice and they have to sedate them to be able to inspect them. She was so surprised when she saw how nice Goose was. Although he was out of his comfort zone,  he was still his charming self. Accolades to you for raising such a moderate temperament, yet very playful Bengal kitty. They were in awe
Kind regards – Isabella


Her personality is amazing!!! My mom has already nicknamed her our golden girl because of her coat – Kaeri 


Hi Jared, thanks once again for the trust and love invested in us. Shamar is adapting amazingly fast!! He is definitely going to be a cuddle boy, he has not stop purring since we place him in his room for now, gulped up all his lean mince and egg mixture, drank a bunch of water and is now much more relaxed. Shame he had such a voice in the car back home I started crying feeling so sorry for the little boy, but now he is comfortable and can sleep and rest. We will keep you posted on his development. With all our love – the Kruger Family


Morning 🙂 update on Astro .. this morning he is full of fun and him and Leo are getting along and trying to play and chasing each other around .. it’s so cute.. Astro is so tiny and he’s huge but they trying to figure it out.

I thought Astro would be scared because my domestic is here today but he was perfectly fine .. he even rubbed against her and let her carry him – Nabeela 

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