Nutrition for Bengals

If you are looking into adopting a BENGAL, be sure to know that these are the ONLY domesticated cats that derive from the WILD ASIAN LEOPARD CAT and needs lots and lots of protein to strive and grow properly. Lots of research on our side has gone into our Bengals diets, we feed them a variety of food including:

The following items can be either given alone or mixed:


Cooked oats are not only healthy but will also keep your cats digestive tract regular and serves as carbohydrates for energy. Do not add salt, butter, sugar or milk – most cats are lactose intolerant and milk could cause a runny tummy.

Cooked and blended Butternut/Pumpkin

Most people will probably think cats won’t eat pumpkin/squash/butternut but they do enjoy having it once in a while and mixed with maizena could help with a runny tummy.

Cooked Chicken

Bengals just love cooked chicken and it serves as a great protein source.

Royal Canin Canned Treats

This serves as a delicious snack as well as a nutritious one.

Boiled Eggs Cut Into Small Pieces

As Bengals derive from the Wild Asian Leopard Cat, their ancestral instincts will love you giving them boiled eggs as they used to eat birds’ eggs in the wild.

Tuna or Pilchards

Bengals love fishy treats. Limit their intake to a maximum of 3 times a week because of the high mercury level.

Raw Beef Mince

This is a lovely source of protein as you can feed it to them raw and has no side effects. They absolutely love raw mince.

Royal Canin Kibble

Make sure to always have fresh water and kibble available. You can change your kible to whatever you feel is sufficient.