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Healthy, well socialized Bengals of distinction, raised in a loving home environment.

Where did it all start

Where did it all start

Wild at Heart Boutique Bengal Cattery evolved as a spark of interest in this exotic pedigreed cat. Our love for wildlife is what inspired us to have these “little leopards” roam our house and are under our watchful eyes 24/7.

We are situated in a small town called Paulpietersburg, Kwazulu Natal – 4 hours from Johannesburg, and 3.5 hours from Durban.

More About Bengals

What makes a Bengal different?

  • Bengals descend from The Asian Leopard cat  – expect wild behaviour
  • Bengals LOVE water
  • They can make friends with dogs
  • Bengals are very territorial, be sure to provide them with their own hideout
  • Bengals are very social and vocal

How do I adopt A Bengal Baby?

In order for us to consider you for a Bengal, certain steps need to be taken for a successful adoption process.

Fill out our Adoption Form

We will use the information provided to match you to a Bengal Baby

We will review your Application

We will carefully scan through your application to consider if your home is Bengal friendly

You are the successful owner of a Bengal baby

Congratulations - you are the owner of a Bengal.

We Feed & Recommend

Wild at Heart strongly believes that feeding changes pets lives, that’s why we feed & recommend Hill’s food.

Since we’ve started feeding our cats and kittens Hill’s, we’ve seen a massive improvement in their behaviours, coats, bone density and overall health.

As breeders we foresee longevity working with Hill’s as together we will give our cats & kittens a healthier future.

See DietWe feed & recommend
We Feed & Recommend

Our cats are SACC registered

Upon adopting a Bengal, you will receive a 4 generation pedigree resembling the bloodline of your kitten, as well as a transfer form which you can use to transfer your kitten into your name on the SACC database.

See our listing on the SACC website
Our cats are SACC registered

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